International Awards

  1. Mentor mentee award of The Transplant Society(TTS),2016 at Hong Kong.
  2. Awarded Fellow of American Society of Nephrology (FASN) 2015.
  3. Young investigator award for paper “Impact of nutritional status on peritonitis in ESRD patients on CAPD: A case control study” in Japan Kidney Week 2005
  4. Young Investigator award and travel grant for International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis held in Hong Kong 2006.
  5. Young Investigator award and grant for International conference “Outcome of CAPD patients: a comparison of diabetic versus non diabetic patients from a developing country” 3rdAsia PD College 2006, Macau, China.
  6. Young investigator travel grant and award-World Congress of Nephrology, to present the paper “MDR-1 gene polymorphisms in steroid responsive versus steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome in children” held in Milan Italy may 22-26; 2009 (grant award from ISN).

About Me

Nephrologists may further sub-specialise in dialysis, kidney transplantation, chronic kidney disease, cancer-related kidney diseases (Onconephrology), procedural nephrology or other non-nephrology areas as described above.


SGPGI, Lucknow-226014

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